Robot Envy of the Week ­– Simon Stålenhag!

Simon Stålenhag is an artist based in Sweden doing a kind of “kitchen sink” science fiction. He gets most of his raw material from a childhood growing up in the countryside outside of Stockholm. Simon now lives and works in the small town of Kungsbera on Lake Mälaren.

Check out more of his work here:

specky_1920fjarrhandske_1920_badge guldklockan_1920 hackingtheloop_1920 januari1995_02_1920 passerines_1920_badge thecourse_start_1920 signalen_1920_badgevagrant_crow_1920 vagrant_fish_1920 vagrant_liam_1920 vagrant_magpie_1920 vagrant_pheasant_1920 vagrant_pike_1920 vagrant_umbrella_1920