Robot Envy of The Week-Ottó Szabó

Ottó Szabó (Robotto) is not just another young Hungarian artist simply trying to prolong his childhood years in the studio. He is hard as nails and mischievous, someone trying to teach exhibition visitors to play. His sculptures are undeniably exciting, but Szabó stirs further interest with a particular private mythology built around his works.
He started drawing robots (and later making them) because he did not have action figures when he was a child. His first figures, inspired by the computer game Neverhood, have large bodies, small heads, and long, thin limbs, sometimes with club-like ends. They look clumsy, but neither distorted, or scary.
They are all striking variations on a futuristic theme, executed with enthusiastic craftsmanship. In his world of metallic figures, Szabó applies Isaac Asimov’s humane laws of robotics. Technological dependence makes machines chained to, and dependent on, humans – and not vice versa.
Otto was born in Hungary 1989. Hi lives now in Budapest, working on new exhibitions and big scale installations.

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